You know what? We are excited to see you at our upcoming local gathering. Here’s what you need to know


  1. Add the workshop to your calendar. Beautiful intentional planning goes into a FemCity community gathering and each FEM that has registered. 

  2. The workshop is 80 min long. It’s a small and intimate series of minutes infused with positivity, gratitude and support. 

  3. Our Collective workshops all start with a mantra to remind us to be present, positive and assist one another so we can all rise together

  4. We encourage you to reach out to your Co-FEMS outside of our monthly workshops and see how you can assist and support one another further

  5. If there is a spot or two open in this local collective, please invite other women that are like you [passionate about community]. If you are interested in being a FemCity Ambassador, click here and grab a unique link so you can share FemCity’s mission and earn money too. Our growth is purely organic and through the love of FEMS for the work we do. 

We created this quick video on what you can expect at your local FemCity Gathering.

Click here to view.


PLEASE NOTE: If this is your first time attending a FemCity workshop and you love it, become a member and join us every month. The more you attend the bigger your business and impact in your community will be. If the location is too far from you or it’s sold out, consider becoming a FemCity Leader and launching a community in your neighborhood. FemCity is on a mission to unite and serve over 1 million women around the world. It all starts with you and our intention to better the world through local communities. 

If you have already joined FemCity as an Annual or Global Member, please be sure to connect with your Leader, the local Facebook Members Only Group and the Members Online Global Group on Facebook. There is so much waiting for you at FemCity and we are so happy you’re here.