Let’s reward you for the FemCity love you share with your friends…


We love how our members enjoy sharing FemCity and how we are changing the lives of women around the world through community, education and resources. We created this referral program for women who love FemCity, our mission of helping over 1 million women launch and grow business, and also love be rewarded.


  1. Sign up to be a FemCity Affiliate to use the Refer a FEM promo campaign. When you setup your affiliate account, be sure to include your PayPal email address (so you can get paid). Grab your unique affiliate link. This is how your referrals are tracked. Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month (for sales made during the previous month).

  2. Read through the materials we have created and beautiful, professionally designed images you can borrow to post on social media + email marketing on our FemCity Affiliate site.

  3. The best way to share your love of FemCity and it’s positive impact on women is to share your own personal story and how it has helped you grow your business. We provide templates to get you started.

  4. Start sharing your unique affiliate referral link with friends. If they join using your affiliate link, they’ll get special discounts on membership (at least 30% off on membership plans). You’ll earn 20-40% commission (depending on the membership) when they use your link to join. Plus, you also get 5% on 2nd tier and 3% on 3rd tier of FEMS that join. It’s a win-win!

  5. If you have a following base of over 100k combined with social media and email, you may also be interested in our partnership program.