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I was recently on the Daring Kind Podcast and loved every moment. The host of the podcast, Nicole Hernandez, has such great energy, good vibes and a wonderful founder story. I hope you find inspiration as I did in her Founders Series feature.

What was your inspiration to create your podcast?

They say you teach what you most need to learn. It’s true! I had a moment (we'll call it a midlife calling) when I woke up and realized something was just really off with my body and spirit. I’d become so entrenched in launching my brand storytelling agency, Pink Graffiti, and I was chasing a hefty monthly revenue goal. I wasn’t allowing time for play and adventure. I was busy, but I wasn’t building my business in a way that was serving my heart.

Launching a podcast had been on my dream list for a long time, and while I was on a much-needed vacation, I received an email saying that I had won an entire podcast starter kit. It felt like the universe was throwing me a bone.

I kept thinking about the theme, and I knew it needed to be a narrative that would serve people like me. People that sometimes opted to stay busy and stuck because doing the things that really make their heart sing requires bravery. It was Einstein who said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It seemed obvious that daring, adventure and play were the antithesis of how I had been living. I thought, “Hmmm, what if this podcast was a masterclass in creation through play and daring action?” I got curious about what it would mean to be "the daring kind.” At that moment, the podcast was born.

What have you learned during the process?

What haven’t I learned during the process? Wow. I’ve learned how to produce a show from beginning to end. I’ve had to dare to reach out and connect with people I admire. I’ve learned how to book and interview amazing guests like FemCity Founder Violette de Ayala and Best-selling Author Kamal Ravikant. Then there’s editing, content creation, and marketing. There’s so much involved.

As a result of speaking to a variety of guests, I also learned that those who are happiest are usually the ones that are generous. They have a “can-do” attitude. They are unapologetic about their quirkiness or beliefs. In owning our unique qualities, we find a fast track to success. The more we try to be perfect and polished the less relatable we become.

Lesson: Be Kind. Dare to do it! Own your story!

What were some challenges you had during its development and how did you get through the challenges?

The challenges have all been technical! I’ve been in the middle of recording episodes when the sound completely goes out or the Wi-Fi fails. The only way to handle it is with grace. I’ve had to apologize and re-record. Thankfully, it’s only happened a couple of times.

What would you say to a FEM that is wanting to launch a podcast….How would they get started?

My advice would be. Ask yourself if you really want to produce a show, or if you really just want exposure.

If you simply want exposure, start pitching yourself as a guest, but please have a niche message and a personal story to offer the host or producer. Generic doesn't work.

If you want to produce a show because you feel called to provide a new perspective, you should get really clear on your theme. I would make a list of your ideal guests and notice the patterns among them. Also, get clear on your own values because ultimately like attracts like. A podcast forces you to own who you are and own your voice.

What advice would you give to a FEM that is scared to take on a business or project?

I’ve interviewed more than 30 founders and creators. There’s one person who didn’t admit she was fearful of taking the leap. One! Everyone else said they had a breakdown, anxiety attack, job loss, or illness that required them to stop hiding from their desires. Stepping into your full potential may not feel safe, but I think your soul will kick and scream until you start honoring your calling.

I also hear a lot of people say, “What will people think?” Here’s the deal...You’re already being judged. A compliment is still judgment. Once you realize that you can’t control what other people think, it changes the game. You free yourself.

At the end of the day, life is a game, and it’s about being daring enough to play.

What’s your personal mantra?

I should preface I grew up in Dallas, Texas. My mantra is Go Big or Go Home.

ABOUT NICOLE: Nicole Hernandez is host of The Daring Kind podcast, where fear is transformed through play. She interviews creators and entrepreneurs who have dared to own their life story and won. 

In 2017, she left her corporate track and dared to launch one of the first brand storytelling agencies, Pink Graffiti. Nicole specializes in helping boutique hotels and wellness brand get clear on a signature PowerStory, and she maximizes their potential for fame, fortune and raving fans through her HEART OVER HYPE marketing method. 

Nicole has more than 14 years in the hospitality industry. She has developed brand messaging, programming and marketing campaigns for some of the top ranking hotels, restaurants, and tourism boards, including: 1 Hotels, Charleston CVB, Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Visit Fort Worth, Hotel Figueroa, Hotel Jerome, Montage Beverly Hills, Source Cincinnati, The Benjamin, The National by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, and The Surrey.  Her strategies and tips have been quoted in Business Daily NewsFuture of EverythingHotel News NowSmall Fit Business, and The Creative Marketing Podcast. Nicole received a Master of Journalism and Bachelor of Psychology from the University of North Texas. She currently lives in New York City, and she’s obsessed with foodie culture, boutique hotels, and DanceBody classes.