KERRY BARRETT // Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist and Media Trainer




Tell us about your aha moment in starting your firm?

My "aha" moment was quite accidental. I was in the process of networking, looking for my next corporate job. The person I was speaking to was very matter-of-fact. Thank goodness, because that's what I needed. She told me I was nuts to look for another corporate job, that I had a skill that was unique and that companies would pay good money for it. I've never owned a business, never even considered it, really. But she changed the course of my life. Thanks, Jennifer Talbott!

Did you have any fears or struggles when launching your business? If so, how did you get past them?

I had fears and I still HAVE fears. I'm only about 6 months in (as of this writing), and I'm learning everything from the ground up. I probably have an oh sh!t moment at least once a day, How do I combat them? That's a good question. I haven't figured that out... if anyone has the secret, please let me know! Right now, I just keep on trucking. I know I'm not going to combat anything by being too scared to moved forward. Taking steps every day.

You’re very successful. What is the benefit you give to the clients you serve?

I'm a public speaking coach/consultant and a media trainer. Which the skills for public speaking and speaking on camera for digital or media, are somewhat different, they both have share some common end goals. Make sure you're calm, confident and comfortable. Speak so people understand you. Speak so people remember your message. And most importantly, influence your audience to do what you want them to do. If your business or brand doesn't have video content out there that does this, you are missing out on a MASSIVE potential client base.

What advice would you give to FEMS that are looking to hire a Media Trainer?

For FEMS that are looking to hire a media coach, make sure they have some actual experience and aren't coming at this from a purely academic perspective. I've had large, NYC based PR firms tell me they don't need media trainers to prep their clients for media exposure, because they have some employees with broadcast media degrees (which in all honesty, is what I have... but with an additional 20 years od practical experience in apex markets like Philadelphia and NYC). All you need to do is check out a small market TV newscast to know that a broadcast degree doesn't necessarily mean squat when it comes to presentation skills.

What would you say to a FEM that is looking to launch her own firm but hesitating?

I don't have all the answers.. in fact, outside of public speaking and camera skills, I probably don't have many. My 2 pieces of advice are this, network, network, network.. that's been literally the key to almost every lead I've gotten. And have people around you that you trust. Whether it's a mentor, someone in your field who is willing to help you grow, a business coach you hire, someone to help with branding and marketing (I have all of the above). Those 2 things should help keep you generating leads and pointed in the right direction. Its easy to get distracted by shiny objects.

Our slogan is business for your soul. How do you incorporate gratitude in your daily work?

I don't honestly know that I am intentionally articulating gratitude every day (I probably need to start doing that), but I am aware of how lucky and grateful I am in every moment of my work day. I ..really do love what I'm doing now. I'm so invigorated, in a way I wasn't in my corporate job in 15 years. I am aware of that every single second of every single day. It's just part of who and where I am now.

Any final advice or inspiration for women looking to launch and grow their business?

Final advice or wisdom... boy I'm still looking for this myself. Daily. All I can really say is don't be afraid t ask for help. I finally feel like i have a tribe of women who are invested in helping each other grow. And it's mostly because I stuck my neck out and asked for help... and offered what I could in return. Small business, much like TV news, is a small world. Everyone knows everyone else. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a taker. But if you're reading this, you're a FEM.. and that means you're already on the right path! Good luck!

ABOUT KERRY : Kerry Barrett is an Emmy-award winning broadcast news anchor, reporter and producer with close to 20 years of experience, most recently at WNBC.  She is now taking her considerable skills and experience to the rest of the world as a public speaking coach and media trainer.  Basically, she will help you become a rock star in front of your target audience, whether its digital video, broadcast news segments or in front of any live audience.