How to Find Balance

Currently living the rat race? The addiction to busy-ness and the overcommitting tendencies is what many struggle with on an ongoing basis. We have become a culture of never being still, filling our moments with noise and allowing our souls to be consumed by chaos. We feel the days running together, our choices becoming non-existent, and feeling a disconnect from the ground we attempt to stand on. Being in a state of imbalance is not a peaceful state for happy living.

I found balance a few years ago and it was the best shift I ever integrated in my life. As a result, I seek the peace in daily living, the joy in the normalcy of life and the serenity in being present.

Here are 5 simple steps you can start to do today to acquire balance in your life. When we live in a state of balance, our levels of joy, gratitude and self-love increase.

  1. INTENTION // Wake up 30 min earlier than anyone else in your household. If you live solo, wake up 30 min earlier before chaos mode for the work day begins. Start the day with a note to the universe on what you are grateful for in that moment. Set an intention for how you want the day to go, and what you set off to accomplish.  It will break up your morning routine, start it off with a smile and remind yourself of the one task that is important for the day.

  2. SELF-IMPORTANCE // Dedicate 1 hour to yourself every day. You can do whatever your heart craves during this time, as long as you choose and schedule it into your day. Take a walk outside, read a book, take a walk in the park. What do you love to do and what will you choose?  If an hour is too overwhelming in your hectic schedule, you can break it into 2 30-min brackets of time. The important thing is that you are choosing to do something that you love during that one hour of time.

  3. KINDNESS // Share kindness with 5 people daily. This doesn’t cost a thing, and anyone can do it and succeed. A smile to your neighbor, a love note to your honey, or a favor for a friend. Why does this work? When we stop and think of others, it releases our bind to the ego, and allows love to fill our hearts.

  4. MIX IT UP // Once a week, do something that you have not done before. A new book, a new walking path, a new movie, series or even a restaurant. Choosing to do something new gives you the intention of choosing moments that lift you up and make you happy.

  5. REMOVE + MOVE ON // Release the things that no longer serve you. What are your top priorities for the next few months? Remove, resign and get rid of tasks, chores, roles that don’t align with who you are and where you are going. Most of our stressful times in living come from commitments made that don’t serve us, our visions and our purpose. When we release activities that no longer serve us, we can replace that time with those that lift us up, and balance our world.

Finding balance is doing a bit of all things you love in a world of living work and life. Break up your day, incorporate your joy and make time for the little things. We were created to live a life filled of love, gratitude and service to others. Take the time and and start living life as you were destined to live.

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