I just read an article about Jada Pinkett Smith's take on Self-Love and it resonated with me in so many ways. We shared it on our FemCity Facebook page with the intention to provide some conversation on self-love and its importance.

I love to create action plans when taking on new goals or seeking to modify areas of my life. A few years ago, I embraced the concept of self-love when I turned 40 and it was life-changing.

Here are 3 ways you can start to embrace and infuse more self-love in your life.

1. Your words: The words you share in your mind dictate the state of your self-love. Ideally, the words you share internally should be words that bring out your best, strengthen your purpose and cuddle the uniqueness of your soul. When we say words that bring down our energy, reduce our power, diminish or doubt our beauty, they remove the possibility to love ourselves. As you catch yourself thinking those not-so-kind words, replace them with words that derive from a place of love. Rewire your brain to be your best friend, your biggest champion and your cheerleader of profound greatness.

2. Words of others: When you are chatting it up with friends, family or loved ones, are the words coming from a place of love? As we talk to ourselves, we talk to others and our view of the world is incapsulated from the combination. When others aren't around, are you still sharing kind words? If you tend to say harsh words of others, it may be rooted in your own self-love conversation. Catch yourself when your words come from a non love place and redirect the conversation to form a beautiful image of others. As we see the world, is how we see ourselves.

3. Moments that bring you joy: We generally connect self-love with spending dollars at the spa or on an item that serves as a reminder of a pseudo self-love. I am a huge fan of spas but it's design in my life is to bring joy in the stillness. I find clarity in moments of peace. Self-love isn't necessarily the items we buy, the paid experiences we take on, but the way it embraces our purpose and gratitude. Surround yourself with moments that lift your soul. Take a walk in the park, stroll on the beach, sit at a cafe to catch the sunset. What are the moments that bring you the most joy? Design your life around these moments and your self-love will soar.

To see the beauty in the world, we must see the beauty within ourselves,

Violette de Ayala
Founder of FemCity®