I have worked solely with women since my days of owning a Pilates and Fitness boutique. What I always found to be so powerful were the stories they shared with one another that filled hearts with inspiration.

At the time, I was witnessing stories of wellness achievement, weight-loss goals, successful accomplishments and the challenges in between. With FemCity, I constantly witness stories of business dreams coming true, beautiful goals met and the triumphant struggles to get there.

What do they have in common?When truths are shared of the journey while on our path, we inspire others to keep on going.

Here are three reasons why it's important to share your story:

1. Faux peeps are out there : Social media is filled with images of over indulgent abundance, the luxury of wealth and at times it serves to discourage those on the brink of giving up. The photos depict ease of attainment, glorifying an easy path and stumbling upon really simple success. There are so may fraudulent stories screaming out that they are an overnight success. The truth is, much of this is fake and it can blind the dreams of many. When you share your truth, you combat the "I give up" mindset and you inspire others to keep on going towards their dreams.
2. Commonality and Connectivity:We connect to others who have gone through the same or similar path. "Misery likes company" holds truth. Through the struggles of launching and growing a business, the pitfalls happen and the flow of up and down are a part of the journey. But when we know others experienced the same challenges, it makes us believe more in our dreams and pushes us to not give up. The connectivity we have with others in the common struggle, empowers us all to up-level and continue. We tend to not settle when we hear stories of others that didn't settle either.
3. Positivity is needed:Positive vibesserve to elevate the energy of those around us: Energy is everything and when you are growing a business there are plenty of naysayers out there. "You won't make it," "You will never achieve your dreams," "Just get a job and quit." Perhaps these conversations come from the exterior world or your interior place, but it's contagious. Through the energy of our sharing, it impacts others. Often the words of encouragement that we share can hit home with those around us and they take that on and keep on their paths.

We want all women to succeed, and our stories are just the start.

In gratitude,
Violette de Ayala
Founder of FemCity®