Giselle Mascarenhas Villarreal

As part of our 20 week course series of “How to Launch and Growing a Business”, Giselle Mascarenhas Villarreal shared her advice and taught “How to Create a Business Name”

Our course covers methods to use, samples of iconic names, the way to illustrate your vision and there is a link to a template to walk you through the steps. Here are a few tips shared:

  1. Think of the grandest vision of your business : Don’t start out thinking small but think of the grandest way your business can grow. Giselle used Amazon as an example of a few iconic brands that thought big picture from the start.

  2. Think of adjectives during the noodling process: A great process to take on is to start to brain storm on words that come to mind when you think of your business, it’s services and the impact it will have on those you seek to serve. What words will best describe your business and offerings and what words will resonate with them best.

  3. It may take time and you may change the name down the road as you evolve: Some businesses evolve and move into various and alternative paths. When businesses make necessary shifts, sometimes the name also requires a change.

To view the course and 20 week series and the sample template, click here.

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About Giselle : Giselle is the founder of Bold Media, The Insta-tute and Co-Founder of Intentionally BridgeIT, I Slay conference. She is a FemCity Global Member and President of FemCity Rio Grande Valley.