I recently caught up with the very inspirational entrepreneur  Dominique Penn —  mother, author,  reality star of WAGS LA, online store owner, & philanthropist. Dominique has done her due diligence to make her name know and show women alike and her children that she too is a business woman. 

Dominique owns several business including being store owner of Strollers & More (In addition to an online store she also has a Brick & Mortar location in Los Angeles), Author of The Many Adventures of DonaldDiscreezips (Launching Soon) and a few other businesses soon to come to life.

What was your initial inspiration to become an entrepreneur? 
 My initial inspiration to becoming an entrepreneur is just wanting more for myself, honestly. I never wanted to just sit at home, not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, because people truly underestimate the role of a “SAHM” (Stay At Home Mom) but I have just always had an entrepreneur mentality. After a while, I felt the need to start something whether it was a foundation, or an actual business. I want to live out my purpose on Earth while I am still here. Not to mention that I have always wanted to be a figure in my home that my children looked up to and it has always been a dream of mine to be on Forbes. I have to put the work in to reach my goals and that requires taking ownership of my life outside of my children.
You have a few businesses. How did the sequence of businesses come about? Did you launch them in a timely fashion or kind of followed your passion and added the launch of a new business when it felt right? 
I actually just followed my passion. I had started a mommy blog after I had my second son in 2012.  I eventually wanted to carry the products that I loved and blogged about in my own baby store. My businesses were never calculated. I kind of went with the flow with when I wanted to open etc. However, being in the retail industry with my store, it was really hard to do that. You always have to keep up with the seasons of fashion, therefore a grand opening date in that industry has to be calculated. However, my new women’s product “Discreezips” I can launch whenever I want because I am actually creating the product. I do not have to follow any fashion seasons etc. It is on my own time at my own pace.
Ps. I usually like launching things in the Spring or Summer 😊
What is some advice that you can share for FEMS that are looking to launch their second business? 

If you would like to launch a second business, some advice that I could give  is make sure that you aren’t struggling with the first. Struggling doesn’t just mean financial either, it also means development in finding the right team as well. In addition, try not to overlap businesses. Do one very well first, before you move on.
You have so much going on in your life with balancing kids and multiple businesses. How do you find the balance?
 It is really hard to balance kids and multiple businesses. I don’t think people see the late nights, the struggle, and the dedication that it takes to actually have a business. I depend on my family and best friend a lot. They  definitely hold me down so that I can aspire to live out my dreams. Before you step out on faith, you have to have a strong foundation. I have been extremely blessed to have that.
Any final inspiration for a FEM that is looking to launch a business while juggling the role of mama?
Hmmmm, I would have to say, just don’t give up. Even when you feel defeated, get up and try again. It’s not always easy, but just like any person that you idolize everything takes time, sacrifice, hard work and dedication. I can’t stress keep going enough. Sometimes you might not be able to go out and have fun. You might miss a party or two and that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with dedicating yourself to your future. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Lastly, I would like to add, try to create things that you wish existed. Do something outside the box that is not a trend and do it well.

In gratitude to Dominique for sharing her wisdom with us,