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I caught up with Tal Man and asked her the questions I wanted to know about her business, being a mom and all the pieces of being a successful entrepreneur.

Jewelry Designer + Goldsmith, Entrepreneur and Mother of two — Tal Man makes the term balance seem so easy. She Graduated from Shenkar – one of the world’s leading colleges of Engineering, Design & Art in Isreal. After many years in the entertainment industry, including a successful modeling career, followed by a stint in television + radio hosting Tal decided to move forward to her real passion: Jewelry Design.

What was the transition like from going from the entertainment industry into creating a business in a complete different industry? The transition to Chapter B in my career was gradual but necessary.  I wanted something new that would thrill me. I am used to adrenaline and extreme thrills, and I find myself excited by every piece of jewelry I design and produce. I like to play with the material, I enjoy watching the Gold / Silver change in my hands, I get excited by a special stone. In my first career as a TV hostess and actress, satisfaction could be found in the applause of the audience and in general - the love of the audience.

Today the satisfaction is that women love my work and are wearing my creations. After spending years creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for my clients, I found that many of my customers wanted to add their own personal touches to the designs, so I devised a modular system of charms that put women in charge of their daily jewelry looks. With Talia’s many coordinated options, women can assemble various customized looks using Talia’s state-of-the art Online Studio, which is like an online playground unto itself. Or a woman can opt for one of Talia’s ready-made sets, assembled to give her a multitude of options. 

Did you ever have any doubts at the start?
Of course, I had doubts and fears. Ronen and I took a big gamble. At one point we both left everything we had done before and devoted ourselves to Talia. We knew that there was something here that was innovative and would be a success. We had our fears, but the faith was much greater. Putting our fears aside, we jumped into turbulent waters and started to swim, slowly gaining recognition both from customers and the industry.

So many women grow businesses while raising kids. How do you find the balance in between it all? 
I know that I am an inspiration and an example to my daughters. They know that I have realized my dream and they are very proud of me. I share with them the important landmarks, tell them what I do every day and when possible, I take them with me to work. I have no feelings of guilt, and when it comes to being with my family, quality is more important than quantity. I travel a lot, but when I'm home, I'm with them. I’m not absent from important events and we experience every moment of our togetherness

What was your support system while launching your business? It all starts with the support of the family and continues in the broader circles - friends and of course business partners. But the day-to-day support is from my nearest team at Talia.

What was the turning point for you in business when you went from a new business to the “wow, I made it” business? I have achieved many goals and highs in life but never enjoyed them in real time. I “made it" does not come when you're really there, it's a late insight. I think the satisfaction and understanding that something great was happening was when our emails started to get filled with business proposals and people who heard about us and wanted to collaborate with us.

What would you say to a woman who was just starting a new e-commerce business and she is trying to get it really growing? To succeed, surround yourself with the right people. There is practically no room for error when you’re building a team. Building a team is challenging. Mainly, hire people who will do the job and building a strong brand team.

What was a book that changed your life and inspired you to no end? The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). The story is so touching and brings us back to the small and important truths of life, the simple truths that we as adults tend to forget.

Any mantra that keeps you focusing in the next big moment for your business? "This too shall pass…" You have to remember that the road is long. Not to fall in love with the peak moments, and not to break in the bad moments