BE A PART OF FEMCITY // 5 Ways You Can Be A Part of Our Initiative

I think we would all agree that the world needs more community support, gratitude and positivity. When I started FemCity, I had no idea how much the world would need our organization. We grew into more communities because our gatherings reflected collaboration, diversity and community. Women asked for FemCity in their backyards and we created them. Women then asked for classes on the top and latest business trends, including the marketing basics and we created them. Our world revolves around women and business and we continue to create with the mission of helping over 1 million women around the world. Can you imagine the world filled with more women in business, working together with the spirit of FemCity? We envision this each and every day as we continue to grow around the globe. 
So if you’ve always wanted to be a part of a positive movement for women, here are 5 ways you can be a part of our campaign to help over 1 million women around the world. The more women who know about FemCity, the more women we help.

1. COMMUNITY: If we have a Collective in your community, share an invitation to an upcoming workshop with friends. Locally, FEMs gather and share gratitude about their businesses, gratitude for other women, explore business trends through guided activities, while authentic networking rounds out the experience. If we have a Flagship in your community, event programming varies and we would love for you to share FemCity with the women in your lives that need support, gratitude and a community of positive women. 

2. SHARE: Why do you love FemCity? How has it changed your life? How did it help your business grow? We love hearing from our members how FemCity has made a big impact in their businesses and lives. Share on social media and tag us. If you are looking to earn extra money by referring others to FemCity, you can become an Ambassador as part of our Affiliate Program

3. EDUCATION: It can take hours to find content to help your businesses grow. Between ads and sales pitches, some content may not be worth the hours of searching. FemCity creates monthly classes on the latest trends with our team of experts with no ads and with proven results. Share our classes with friends who are looking to grow their businesses and design their lives. They can join for a free 30 day trial to take all of our classes and even join us live in our monthly masterclass series.

4.  MORE COMMUNITY: We are on a mission to launch more FemCity chapters around the world. Why? Because the world needs more women coming together in positivity, collaboration and gratitude. How can you help? Consider launching a FemCity in your own backyard! Yes, YOU would be a great FemCity Leader. Get your license to start a FemCity. We'll provide all tools, materials, and support you'll need. 

5. COLLABORATE: We are forming more and more partnerships through podcasts, events and influencer campaigns. If you have a brand with similar reach and goals, please let us know. The more we collaborate, the more women learn about FemCity and why thousands of women love being members. 

In gratitude, 
Violette + Cheyenne