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Farah is a motivational speaker, personal branding and social media coach with a love for bringing joy into peoples lives. She has a passion for helping you see your super powers and owning them in all parts of your life. Farah has built multiple successful businesses and has left her mark in many industries as a person that uplifts & empowers those she works with. She is our FemCity Barrie and Barrie West Leader and has recently transformed her mindset and we hope you find inspiration.

Can you share with us about your transformation both inside and out:

My inner transformation started about 4 years ago as I dove into a new career. I started learning about self development and what it really meant. I lived most of my life in a state of stress, worry, shame and fear. When I started learning about meditation, mindfulness, the law of attraction and every other topic out there I started to see why I was where I was. I was done living a life of stress so I decided to make a change. I started to put things I learned into practice. I started living life in a constant state of gratitude for everything that came my way.It helped me see situations differently, it helped me learn lessons and understand that the things that happen in life happen for us and not to us as Tony Robbins says, so that helped me transform internally. Now on the outside is where more magic happened. I grew up overweight and I yo-yo’d constantly, whatever I did I could never keep the weight off. I always blamed myself for not getting healthy. I kept telling myself the same stories that keep me looping in an unhealthy lifestyle. One day I decided to rewrite my old stories, start new ones and reprogram my subconscious. Since then I have lost over 80lbs and am finally living the life I have always dreamed of.

What led you to start really taking on a transformation?

Honestly, I was miserable. I put on a great front though. Everyone thought I was happy and strong and confident but they were so wrong. I lived a secret life of misery and I was fed up with it. I decided that I wanted to live my life with joy so that the day I take my last breathe I can look back and say I lived it to the fullest. The first that had to change was the way I felt about myself, then came the body transformation.

What were some mindset shifts you had to take on to get you to be successful in your transformation?

First I had to understand that every “bad” moment in my life was there to teach me something. I had to learn how to not hold on to anger & pain, I had to learn to feel the emotion and then let it go. I had to heal the child inside who was so sad and just wanted to be heard & loved. I had to flip the script on the negative talk in my head and switch it to thought of self love. I had to start living in total gratitude for my body, my soul, my mind and all the moments big or small that happen in my life.

What would you tell other FEMS that are looking to make a big change in their life?

Go back...way back… and try to find the things that you need to heal from, forgive and let go because when we hold on to the past it holds on to us. My weight was a direct emotional attachment to the pain I felt as a child. Make peace with it all, move forward and live for yourself now! FInd the joy in the now!

At those moments of doubt or perceived weakness, what did you say to yourself or how did you bounce back and get into focus mode?

I reminded myself that no matter what, the universe has my back and that I will always bounce back better & stronger. I started flipping the script on doubt, I would thank it for showing up to protect me but that I didn’t need to be protected anymore.

Any other additional advice you want to share with FEMS making a big transformation?

Don’t give up your control. You have the control on everything in your life. Every decision, every emotion, every outcome, anything and everything is up to you. Want to lose weight? Do it one step at a time. Want to start a new business? Give yourself the grace to fail. Whatever it maybe remember you are in the driver seat, you hold the keys, no one and nothing else does.