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WHY LAUNCH A COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY? By leading a FemCity Collective Community, you will also grow your business. Use the platform of FemCity to market your business and grow revenue. The Collective Leader role was designed to help our Leaders grow their businesses. We offer 90 day leadership training with the option to become a FemCity Certified Leader. You will also receive coaching sessions with Founder of FemCity Violette de Ayala and President of FemCity Cheyenne Palma Dominguez. In addition, you will have a mentor to hold your hand along the way. It’s only $499 per year to run your own FemCity Collective.

WHAT IS A FEMCITY® COLLECTIVE? A small powerhouse business community for 25 women, who come together each month at a local gathering for our signature monthly FemCity Collective Series. The FemCity Collective Series is an innovative blend of business, education, mastermind, and networking, crafted with a diverse pro-women environment and filled with positivity and gratitude moments. FemCity Collectives are generally located outside the geographic reach of our FemCity “hubs.”

FemCity provides a monthly theme/topics for discussion for FemCity Collectives throughout the world. Local Collective Leaders facilitate our signature programming event each month.  FemCity Collective Leaders are armed with beautifully designed FemCity Collective worksheets and materials each month. Monthly workshops may be held at a local office, conference room, quiet coffee shop, library, or even a local art gallery. Each monthly Collective gathering includes professional development, networking, and camaraderie.

FemCity Collectives are designed with our signature 80-minute program {20/20/20/20}. A series of themes/topics are generated via interest and feedback of our members {smart, savvy women in business}. Topics such as how to grow your business/scalability, work/life balance, wellness and productivity in business, top business trends, social media, and more. Additionally, it’s all filled with gratitude and immersed in positivity. Our signature format includes: 20 minutes of gratitude & introductions + 20 minute FemCity Collective business education + 20 minute FEM endorsements + 20 minutes to mix, mingle and network. When a Collective is full [with 25 business members] FemCity will send quarterly goodies filled with tote bags, pencils, journals etc.

Members pay an annual membership (currently $197 USD/yr) and which includes access to 12 monthly Collective workshops, weekly live classes with experts in business trends, monthly masterclass series, monthly group coaching with Violette de Ayala and a virtual global workshop with all members from around the world.

FemCity Collective Leaders serve as local hosts of our monthly programming (curriculum + training provided). The Collective Leader is a volunteer role and provides a platform to grow business, gain leadership development, build credibility in the community, and increase visibility. FemCity members pay an annual business membership fee (currently $197 USD/yr) which includes a reserved spot at all workshops, along with robust online + educational benefits. Additionally, local hosts secure a location(s) to host the monthly workshop program. This can be one location or a combination of several [think: professional office, conference room, quiet coffee shop, yoga studio, an art gallery, or local library].

Local Collective Leaders receive coaching, support, and all program materials. FemCity also private social media [and secret] groups for each Collective community. FemCity Collective Local Leaders make a positive difference in the community, change the lives of local women and business all in positivity + gratitude. To launch a new Collective community, click below and get started today!


*FemCity believes women thrive when women support women. Each FemCity Collective is limited in size to only 25 business members so our Collectives do fill up fast. However, we do not limit within industry for a multitude of reasons.  Each FEM has her own uniqueness, authenticity, niche of expertise, and flair for her business. Each FEM stand outs and connects with certain FEMS in her own way. As an example, we have had many physicians (same industry) join us monthly at our events and all have flourished with connections, relationships and increased business. FemCity believes in a community approach and operates from a perspective of abundance and wealth for all. Be authentic, be embracing of other FEMS, and we all prosper together.