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Interested in launch FemCity in your community? Here are the guidelines for the FemCity License and the most FAQs on the role, the benefits, and how to get started. Use the search tool below to search for specific questions + topics…


  1. Maintain an active business membership.

  2. Host monthly free gatherings in a comfortable and easy to get to location.

  3. Start off each gathering with the FemCity mantra, follow the 80 min FemCity Collective format of gratitude, education and connections, including the FemCity monthly worksheet done collaboratively with all attending FEMS at the local gathering and conclude with strategic introductions. Here’s a quick video on the FemCity Collective gathering format.

  4. Maintain uplifting energy that unites women from all backgrounds and cultures.

  5. Invite 50 women to the initial gathering and maintain 15 active members in your community.

  6. Submit your Collective workshop details at least 3 weeks in advance.

  7. Share the limelight with members and give them opportunities to share in the format of each collective. [ex. Leading the mantra, or leading the strategic connections]

  8. Manage the FemCity Facebook Members Only Group with adding new members and removing those that are no longer active.

  9. Take one power pic per gathering and post in the Leaders Facebook Group so it can be shared on social media.

  10. Smile often, regularly and frequently.


PLEASE NOTE: This license is only to carry the Collective format. Conferences, larger gatherings, marketing images, social media posts and apparel may only be created by FemCity® HQ due to trademarking protocols.  Member data is the property of FemCity. 

What is a FemCity Leader?

FemCity Collective Leaders serve as local hosts of our FemCity Collectives in cities, towns, and neighborhoods everywhere.  Most are female entrepreneurs who enjoy connecting and collaborating with other women in business. As a FemCity Collective Leader, she stands out in her community. She and her business shine as she brings business women together for our monthly FemCity workshop programming. Here is a video on the FemCity Collective Format.

What are the benefits of being a FemCity Collective Leader?

The Collective Leader role provides a platform to gain leadership development, build credibility in the community, and increase your brand visibility.  Successful FemCity Collective Leaders tell us it also leads to increased sales in their businesses. The Collective Leader role is designed for women who are entrepreneurs to use the platform as a way to build their brands in their local communities, expand their circle of influence, increase revenue to their business, and become an inspiration to other women in business around them. Through our Launch + Lead package, we provide the roadmap and all the marketing materials you need to get started. The Launch + Lead package also includes a one year membership for the Collective Leader (that alone is a $150 value!).

Who is a good fit to Be a FemCity Collective Leader?

Female entrepreneurs who enjoy connecting with and supporting other women in business and are looking to grow their businesses in their communities.  FemCity is all about promoting and connecting professional women through authentic relationship building. Our Leaders are able to expand their circle of influence and increase revenue to their business -- all while connecting with and supporting a group of women around them. Think of the Collective Leader role like a stage where you and your business can shine (by helping other women shine too!).

What are the responsibilities of a Collective Leader?

A FemCity Collective Leader’s primary responsibilities are to build her Collective membership to 25 women, facilitate our signature FemCity workshops in a warm, welcoming environment each month, and be a champion for women in business. She's a community leader!

Local Collective Leaders secure a location(s) to host the monthly Collective workshops. This can be one location or a combination of several [think: professional office, conference room, quiet coffee shop, yoga studio, an art gallery, or local library]. Many local businesses love hosting FemCity workshops because it’s a unique way to showcase their venue to potential new customers and partner with business women in the community. Another win-win!

Local Collective Leaders have flexibility to schedule the monthly FemCity gathering on a day and time that works best for her and her members. Leaders are highly encouraged to schedule it on a recurring date and time each month to make it easy and memorable for all members.

How do I find a venue to host my Collective gathering each month?

Collective Leaders have the flexibility to host in a professional office, conference room, at a quiet coffee shop, in a yoga studio, an art gallery, bright and airy nail salon, or even the local library. Our Collective Leaders find that many local businesses welcome FemCity with open arms. As a leader, you’re bringing potential new customers into the business. FemCity Leaders are great at establishing strong partnerships with local businesses which create a win-win all around.

How do I get 25 members for my Collective?

FemCity recommends each new Collective leader creates a small “Leadership Circle” to get started. This includes herself plus four other women. Together, these five make up the core foundation of a new FemCity Collective and work together to make it successful. As an example, if each of the initial five members secure five more members, you’ve quickly reached a membership of 25 women in business -- that’s a completed Collective where magic begins to happen! Plus, FemCity provides lots of tools such as sample email outreach, social media posts, beautifully-designed marketing images, and a plethora of resources to help you.

Is there a minimum required to maintain?

Yes. FemCity Collectives are purposefully designed for 25 members. Our FemCity program and curriculum is designed based on this ideal size of 25 because we know that’s where the magic happens. Just imagine 25 female entrepreneurs -- all supporting and championing each other throughout the community. It’s powerful. However, we realize people move and circumstances change, and sometimes membership changes happen too. To benefit the community and to be of service for women, leaders are required to maintain a minimum of 12 members in the Collective, active and consistent local free gatherings and positive feedback from members in order to keep it active and open.

Is it a paid position?

No but role is designed to help you build your business, expand your brand, increase your credibility in the community, and ultimately increase revenue to your business. Successful Collective Leaders earn more money in their business by leveraging their role as a FemCity Collective.

Additionally, may earn commission by participating in our FemCity Ambassador Affiliate program. Ambassador Affiliates earn commission on membership sales as a result of referring, recommending new members. Ambassador Affiliates can earn commission on members who join anywhere (whether it’s your local FemCity Collective or in another state or country!). To learn more about our Ambassador Affiliate Program and to begin earning commission on your referrals, please sign up at link.

What is the earnings potential?

The Collective Leader role is not a paid position.  Instead, it is a licensing opportunity and designed as a platform to help you make a big positive difference in the community, promote your business, expand your brand, and ultimately increase revenues to your business. Successful Collective Leaders have experienced tremendous growth in their businesses. Check out our Collective Leader testimonials here.

Additionally, you may earn commission as a FemCity Ambassador Affiliate whether or not you are a Collective Leader. We recommend you do both at the same time as this is how many of our Leaders earn extra money. Affiliates earn 20% or more commission, depending on the type of sale, for any membership sales made as a result of a customer using your unique affiliate link. As an example, if a Collective Leader uses her unique affiliate link to secure the 24 members of her Collective, that would amount to $899.40 USD commission. This example is calculated by 20% commission paid for each membership sale of $15 mo each.

Plus, Ambassador Affiliates can refer members to other locations, and get paid commission for membership sales anywhere. And for even higher earnings, affiliates can refer members to our Global Membership program. The Global membership level has a higher price point and thus, commission is higher as well. So, the earnings potential is limitless and largely dependent on your interest in such earnings.

To join the FemCity Ambassador Affiliate Program and begin earning commission on referrals, learn more here.

Will I have training?

Yes. Local Collective Leaders receive coaching, support, and all program materials.  Our Leaders have access to our Leaders Portal.

How long do I have the license for?

As long as the Collective Leader maintains the minimum of 12 members, ongoing and attended workshops, and an active Membership the license will remain active and ongoing.

Can I do big conferences with the license?

No. FemCity is trademarked and registered. As a result, for legal reasons, Leaders only produce the pre-designed FemCity Collective workshops on a monthly basis, in addition to the December option of adding a social holiday gathering or activity to their calendar.

Can the license be revoked?

Yes, if the community does not flourish after 3 months of being established, doesn’t maintain the minimum of 12 members, or if 3 or more complaints have been received from members, the license can be revoked. Refunds are not issued.

Can I transfer the license?

Please discuss this option with your FemCity Director. Extraneous circumstances such as relocation or illness may warrant a transfer of license.

What if I move, may I take the license with me?

This is considered on a case by case basis.  

How much money can I make?

Our leaders create revenue through the use of marketing their business/brands on the platform and through our Refer-a-Fem Program. Some Collective Leaders have doubled their businesses within 12 months of using the platform successfully. Read our Collective Leader testimonials.

How does this help me personally and in business?

Our FemCity Leaders use the role of their successes as a FemCity Leader to garner opportunities in marketing, PR, partnerships, branding and campaigns that feature their business/brand. Read our Collective Leader testimonials.

Can I create other events, social media and platforms using the FemCity brand?

No. Our FemCity Leaders only run the FemCity Collective program. FemCity creates comprehensive workshop programming for each month, and provides a plethora of materials and marketing images which can be used throughout social media by our Leaders.

Can I make up my own style of workshops?

No, FemCity Leaders must follow the FemCity Collective model. This is our signature blend of business curriculum, gratitude moments, and time to mix, mingle and connect. It’s been carefully crafted based on feedback from our FEMS. Here is a video on the FemCity Collective Workshop + Gathering Format.

What are benefits of their membership?

FemCity members pay an annual business membership fee (currently $150 /yr $15 / mo) which includes a reserved spot at each monthly Collective workshop. Members have 24/7 access to our online digital and audio library, business and lifestyle worksheets, e-books, and monthly masterclass series. Our masterclass series offers 5-8 classes, on a recurring day each month, in a live format, giving our members the opportunity to ask our favorite business experts questions and seek advice. Each monthly masterclass series alone is valued over $500 USD.

what is the femcity collective workshop format?

FemCity provides a full agenda and all materials for each gathering. FemCity Collectives are designed with our signature 80-minute program. A series of themes/topics are generated via interest and feedback of our members {smart, savvy women in business}. Topics such as how to grow your business/scalability, work/life balance, wellness and productivity in business, top business trends, social media, and more. Additionally, it’s all filled with gratitude and immersed in positivity. Our signature format includes: 20 minutes of gratitude & introductions + 20 minute FemCity Collective business education + 20 minute FEM endorsements + 20 minutes to mix, mingle and network. Here is a video on the FemCity Collective Workshop. Please view this video to learn more.

How do Collective Leaders find who their members are?

FemCity Leaders receive access to private FemCity reports that show who has joined their local FemCity Collective. We also have an online member directory.


Our FemCity Directors are a small team of highly experienced FemCity mentors who help to mentor and guide new FemCity Collective Leaders to be successful.